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Sweetheart lyrics


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        Boy haven't you noticed
    A gleam in my eye
    Because of you
    I'm a little hypnotized
    But everytime you're with me
    I feel so positive
    Now with a little love
    Something's got to give.

    A full moon
    Is waiting in the twilight
    Maybe soon
    You will come to be my night
    Here we are
    Hoping that we never part
    Stay with me.

    baby, wont you be my sweetheart
    we could share a storybook romance
    Won't you be my sweetheart
    We could share a storybook romance
    (What you think about,
    what you think about you and me baby going one on one
    just you andi.

    You are no Casanova
    I know that you'll be true
    And that's why
    i'm so in love with you
    But each romantic evening
    You leave me at my door
    But tonight
    I'd like us to explore.

    Repeat Bridge

    Repeat Chorus.

    Stars are bright
    Mood is right
    (say what MC baby sing it to me)
    To keep me warm away from harm
    Nowhere better than my baby's arms

    Repeat Chorus

    Let's get together
    Live happily ever after
    No one to make us sad
    Oh baby
    You know i need your love
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